About Us

Our aim is to contribute to the development of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries sector through our proposal-oriented approach.

We are a trading company specializing in organic animal feed and fertilizer materials,auxiliary materials in particular,for use in agriculture and fishery. We mainly do bujiness in three areas: domestically,imports,and exports. We are proposal-based company,and we contribute to agriculture and fishery by,thinking first and foremost about providing quality products at lower prises that meet customer needs.

Global expansion of business from Japan
to Southeast Asia and beyond.

No. 1 feed ingredients exporter in Shizuoka
with an annual volume of 5,000 tons!

We export fish meal, fish solubles liquid, scallop meal, and squid meal to various countries. We collaborate with local agents to carefully analyze information needs and ensure sales through the most suitable channels based on product characteristics. Rather than being complacent with the status quo we are always on the lookout for new suppliers and sales channels.

Recycling for a better world and a brighter future.

Through our recycling business to feed and fertilizer, we are capable of utilizing and recycling the full gamut of Japan's abundant fishery resources. Going forward, Nikkoh Shoji Co. Ltd. is committed to continue making a significant contribution to the domestic and international agriculture, livestock, and fisheries sector through further development of environmentally friendly businesses.