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Compound feed is prepared by blending various simple feed and feed additives targeted to the livestock, poultry, fish, etc. market in a balanced manner to contain all necessary nutrients. Raw materials used as ingredients include grains, bran, plant-based oil seed meal, and animal protein. We distribute a wide range of feed ingredients domestically and internationally, providing safe and reliable products to the livestock and fisheries industries.


Main products

Animal protein Domestic fish meal, foreign fish meal, fish bone, squid liver powder, scallop liver powder, fish soluble powder
Vegetable oil meal Soybean meal, rapeseed meal, cottonseed meal, sesame oil meal
Chaff and bran Wheat flour meal, fat-free bran, corn gluten feed,meal, dry soy pulp
Oils Bonito and tuna fish oil, fish soluble
Other (Food waste dry powder) Whisky lees, dry whisky yeast, Various wet raw materials
Feed additive Calcium phosphate, betaine, enzyme, curcuma, red pepper, garlic
Product Garlic, dry tea leaves powder


Product image

  • Domestic fish meal
  • Foreign fish meal
  • Squid liver powder
  • Scallop liver powder
  • Fish soluble powder
  • Whisky lees
  • Fish oil
  • Soluble