We provide carefully selected raw materials through the reliable trade route mainly in our feed and fertilizer divisions, which constitute our core business, thus ensuring the delivery of safe and secure products to our valued customers. We are also involved in the management of feed and fertilizer manufacturing plants and the development of initiatives promoting efficient use and recycling of food waste.


In Japan, roughly 24 million tons of compound feed is produced annually. Excluding grains, we handle mainly animal based feed, vegetable oil meal, chaff and bran, as well as feed additives. We also emphasize handling plain feed for farming and stock raising.


We mainly handle organic materials for use in compound fertilizer,gardening fertilizer, fermented fertilizer, and straight fertilizer. Our belief is providing quality products at low prices. In addition, we stay up to date on quality checking by taking regular samlings. We also emphasize inorganic materials, and make active proposals to customers in order to provide total merit.


Promotion of advanced use
of food waste

We recycle food industry waste generated in food plant, etc. and promote their reuse as organic fertilizers and other products.

Food by-products generate profits.
We marshal our recycling know-how cultivated through our experience in the manufacture of feed and fertilizer material to issue proposals for an economically beneficial production cycle in collaboration with domestic and foreign feed and fertilizer manufacturers.


Industrial machinery division

We handle industrial machinery used in feed and fertilizer manufacturing plants. We strive to provide cost-effective products that meet your needs, whether new or used.

Food products division

We offer a variety of safe and reliable food products, including food additives, health foods, rice, and teas. One of our unique products that has attracted attention is high-molecular weight collagen derived from tuna.